Ground Zero

Religious Fundamentalists

I remember being in graduate school and hearing a professor say that there really wasn’t much difference between fundamentalist Christians in America and fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle East.  He made his remarks a few years before 9-11, though, so I wonder if he still feels the same today. On one side of the equation, […]

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Four Presidents

I find it interesting how hard it is to please the critics of Presidents. Let me give you some examples. Democrats mocked George Bush for being a flip-flopper after he famously said, “Read my lips: No new taxes” then he agreed (with the Democrat-controlled Congress) to the biggest tax increase in American history.  Later, Democrats

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Obama’s Religion

Stories are being written these days about the new poll which indicates that 20% of Americans think President Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Two things interest me about this issue. One, people are making a big deal about the increasing number of people who believe this, but if memory serves me, 18% of the public

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