George W. Bush

What President Obama didn’t Have

President Obama was asked recently if he was going to be able to get anything of substance done over the remainder of his time in office (the phrase was something like “Do you have any juice left?”). The President replied that he couldn’t force Republicans to “behave.” And Democrats said, “You tell ’em, Mr. President! […]

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The Federal Debt and Finger Pointing

Our federal debt is over 14 trillion dollars, but apparently that isn’t enough.  Democrats have been pushing Republicans to raise the debt limit, so our credit as a nation isn’t hurt. Republicans have been pushing President Barack Obama to present Congress with budget proposals that have significant cuts, so we can reduce our debt. Since

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The Aggressive White House

I believe later generations will look back on our current presidential administration and note its aggressiveness, not necessarily in foreign policy (though maybe there, too, given that we are carrying on military operations in three different countries), but in regards to internal issues.  Ever since a White House official talked about putting their boots on

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I Think 4 Things

I think that if unemployment continues to hover around 9% and gas stays well over $3.00 a gallon, Democrats will have a hard time in 2012.  Ronald Reagan could point at Jimmy Carter in 1984 because the economy was genuinely better.  Reagan could ask, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” 

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