Budget 2012

President Obama has responded to the demands of Congress and the media, giving his blueprint for spending for the next 12 years.  He calls for cuts in the projected growth of it, he wants the military to tighten its belt a little, and he would like for the rich to pay more in taxes. I […]

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Interesting Stuff about the Budget

If the House, Senate, and President can’t all agree on a budget by early March, we’ve been told, we’ll face another government shutdown like we had a few times in the 1990s with a Republican Congress and Bill Clinton in the White House.  Back then, Clinton effectively painted the Republicans as unreasonable, and their popularity

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Term Limits for Congress

You know what would be really cool? It’d be really cool if Russ Taff and Jon Gibson made an album together. But another thing that would be cool would be if we had term limits for Congress. We used to have a tradition in this country that Presidents would serve no more than two terms.

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A Burris in Obama’s Saddle?

So just a short time ago, President #44 Barack Obama wanted nothing to do with embattled Governor Rod Blagojevich’s choice to take Obama’s Senate seat. Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate want Blagojevich out, and so they certainly don’t want him to continue exercising his powers (especially since that is what has gotten him in such

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