Several Untruths

Here are 4 things some people believe and my responses to them: Newt Gingrich still has a chance to be President.  Reality:  plenty of people still like the guy, but a majority of Republicans are not in his corner.  The loss of several key staffers recently would indicate that even some of those who were […]

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Obama vs. Nixon

In a speech on foreign policy recently, specifically the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama said that, really, our priority needs to be the American economy.  I was struck with how much the President’s priorities were just the opposite of Richard Nixon’s, which certainly doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but let me

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Where’s the New Foreign Policy?

I’ve read a few articles recently that discussed President Obama’s new foreign policy principles.  He has committed himself to working with other countries in carrying out international objectives.  This is supposed to be a change from the George W. Bush era when the United States acted in a unilateral fashion. Frankly, I’ve read the articles,

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Another Vietnam? Again?

I’ve never particularly cared for the phrase “another Vietnam” when describing a foreign policy situation.  That war was so controversial and unpopular it makes it difficult to have a fair-minded discussion on any new conflict if it gets compared to Vietnam.  Nevertheless, I was reading an article online recently and the parallels were quite unsettling.

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