Super Bluesday? Not according to these Three

Super Tuesday has come and gone for the Republicans in their race for the nomination, and the critics have had plenty to say. According to the skeptics, Mitt Romney’s lack of decisive victories shows his weakness as a candidate–Republicans just don’t like him that much. Rick Santorum can’t raise enough money or stay on topic enough to be a winner. Newt Gingrich has only won his home state of Georgia, so–since he has no chance of victory–he should get out of the race and stop taking conservative votes from Santorum.

Responses? They are aplenty.

Romney can point out that he has won more states and delegates than any other Republican, and he has raised more money. If Republican voters don’t love him, what does this say about their feelings towards the other guys?

Santorum can argue that he has come out of nowhere and won several states. If he has no chance, what does that say about Gingrich and Ron Paul? If those guys got out of the race, who knows how much support Santorum could claim?

Gingrich has claimed that his victory in Georgia has proven his elitist critics wrong, and he will continue to prove them wrong all the way to Washington.

Of the three, it is hardest to put stock into Gingrich. I just don’t see how winning his home state, while losing in 9 others at the same time, lends any credence to his campaign. Maybe if the Georgia primary had come first, Gingrich could have built on his success there. As it was, there were several states where even Ron Paul beat him.

Romney is still the man to beat, and it doesn’t look like Santorum will be able to do that as long as Gingrich stays in the race.