Ravi Zacharias: An Influential Christian

I’ll have a new blog out on Thursday or Friday about the elections.  Until then…

Have you heard of Ravi Zacharias?  Years ago I worked for a guy who suggested I listen to a bunch of tapes of Zacharias, a noted Christian speaker.  Honestly?  I didn’t want to do it.  The thought of sitting by myself in my apartment listening to six tapes of some guy I had never heard of droning on and on about stuff was demoralizing.  But since the man who made the suggestion was my boss, and I was only on a one-year contract, well, you can figure out where this is going.

Imagine my surprise, though, when I found this Zacharias guy to be fascinating.  He talked about God, and why belief in God made sense, and how in the past countries that believed in God understood science and the universe better than people in countries that did not believe in the Jewish-Christian God.  It was riveting.  Seriously.

Some Christians have a lot of hostility towards secular academia, and not totally without reason.  But Zacharias, the author of numerous books on apologetics and on other religions, has gone to college campuses to make his case for the reality of God.  Instead of avoiding academia, he has embraced it.

I highly respect the ministry of Ravi Zacharias.  He is one influential Christian.  I encourage you to look him up online and check out what he is doing.