Random Thoughts

The NBA’s Washington Wizards have won two games in a row. I thought I’d mention that here because it happens so infrequently. Following sports would be easier if they weren’t my favorite team. Sigh.

Rick Santorum is now officially out of the race. It was interesting while it lasted. He was like a crankier version of Mike Huckabee. Both men are social conservatives and economic moderates who were pretty unknown when their races started. They ended up making a splash that turned out to be too little, too late. Will either guy run for President in the future? Stay tuned.

Hilary Rosen, a lobbyist and Democratic adviser has taken some heat for saying that Ann Romney was not qualified to advise her husband because she had “never really worked a day in her life.” Understandably, Republicans have been critical of Ms. Rosen, but some of President Obama’s advisers have called on her to apologize, too. Ann Romney is a stay at home mother, who raised five children, worked with numerous charities, and dealt with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. The President’s advisers have pointed out that Rosen is serving no direct role with the efforts to re-elect President Obama. At this point the President might want to continue to keep his distance.

I was the speaker during a Carson-Newman chapel service recently. They have a great community there.

Another cool experience for me in the last several days was Secret Church. If you ever hear about it in the future, check it out. David Platt put it together. Is he the next Billy Graham? No, but he is the first David Platt, and that is pretty special.