Odds, Ends, Etceteras, and So Forths

Is it time for Rick Santorum to drop out? Maybe he should. He hasn’t been able to build on his success in Iowa. Florida was supposed to be a microcosm of America for Republicans, and Santorum was buried in third place. Meanwhile, he has an extremely ill child, which has brought a little sympathy for the candidate, but this has also created the sentiment with some that Santorum should be with his family instead of running around looking for votes. Perhaps he should start thinking about 2016.

Should people arrested for election fraud be tried for treason? Why not? I can’t think of many more serious crimes in a democracy than doing something illegal that undermines Americans’ right to vote. This would certainly communicate the seriousness of the offense to those who otherwise might be tempted.

Ask the Professor: What Freshmen Need to Know, 2.0 is coming soon. Final edits are almost complete. We are still on schedule for an early March release. The book is geared towards college freshmen and features humorous yet practical advice from two college professors. This is actually a revision of the first two books in the series in one handy volume.

Double Crossed is also coming soon. It’s an action sci-fi novel with a sense of humor (but it’s not a comedy). I’ve already completed the final edits and looked at the cover art. It could be available any day now.

“Sometimes a troublemaker can be put to good use.” What a great line from Richard Brookjhiser’s George Washington on Leadership (p. 111).