Observations on Race

The Philadelphia Eagles want to forgive wide receiver Riley Cooper for getting caught making a racist remark because he is their best pass catcher going into this season. If Paula Deen was a star in the NFL, her situation might be really different today.

People shouldn’t say racist stuff. That said, the outrage over it can be pretty selective.

It is not news that George Zimmerman got pulled over for speeding. Wow, what a non-story. Oh, and he had a gun. Okay, that’s interesting, but it’s not surprising, given what people have said about him. I’m sure he is concerned about his personal safety.

For those who think Trayvon Martin “got what he deserved,” again I say “wow.” When a 17 year old gets killed it is a sad, sad thing.

Given that we don’t know what really happened that night between Zimmerman and Martin, it is not surprising that a jury did not find the defendant guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Boycotting Florida because of the verdict? I heard about this, but…huh? How does that help anything? And it won’t work–Disney World is down there.

Racial issues are not as bad as they used to be, but I wish they were better still. We’ve gone from having a President who owned African Americans to having a President who is an African American. But, again, I wish things were better.

I wish we would all live by Dr. King’s words and look at the content of people’s character rather than the color of their skin.

I pray for such a world. I pray for a world of change. And forgiveness.