My Elevator Experience plus Disney and God

I went to Disney World recently, and I have two experiences to write about.

We got to our hotel the first night and I needed to get something from the car. As I got on the elevator, there were two women who were in the middle of a conversation.

Woman Number One said to her friend, “Do you need to put some ointment on it? Do we need to get you some ointment?”

Woman Number Two replied, “I’ve been covering it up with a patch. I guess I need to contact my doctor.”

Here’s what I was thinking at that point: What? Am I invisible? Come on, ladies, let’s leave a little mystery. What I said was, “Oh, is this elevator going down? I need to go up.” I started to move towards the doors, but it was too late. The doors closed, and I was trapped in there with the two women and the unresolved skin problem. At least they started talking about something else before exiting on the next floor.

There was no moral there; I just wanted to share my story.

Anyway, Disney was great. They do everything really well down there.

But there is one more story I want to share. My wife and I were watching one of the shows at Epcot–maybe it was “The Circle of Life” I don’t know–and it showed a bunch of nature stuff–different animals, beautiful landscapes, and whatnot. As we were watching it, it struck me (and not for the first time) that there is so much diversity and complexity in the world that it really makes sense to me that there must be some kind of Creator behind it all.

I am familiar with the idea that life sprang up in all of its diverse wonder over a period of a few billion years. But why would time by itself be a catalyst for increased complexity in nature? It makes more sense to me that there was a Designer involved in the creation of the world because, well, the world seems to be so well-designed.

Thank you, Disney, for reminding me of this. And I enjoyed your roller coasters and your “Hall of Presidents,” too.