Lewis, Antler Spray, and the Misuse of Scripture

Ray Lewis is future Hall of Famer. He’s an All Pro linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, and his last game is/was (depending on when you read this) Super Bowl 47 (forgive my lack of Roman numerology). Mr. Lewis is also in a bit of a bind over whether or not he used some kind of deer antler spray concoction that contained a performance enhancing substance banned by the NFL. Allegedly, he was trying to speed up the healing process after he sustained an injury.

Hey, I don’t know if he used the stuff. I do know that when I heard his denial, I heard passion and outrage, but I didn’t hear an actual, explicit denial. According to sports radio, his team wanted a stronger, more definitive denial. Lewis obliged them, and he threw in for good message something about the Devil being behind this attack on Lewis and his team.

It kind of reminded me of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was asked if he was having an affair, and he looked like a deer in the headlights (what is it with deer this week?). Then his supporters told him they needed a definitive denial, so he gave the public a much more passionate proclamation of his innocence. His supporters dutifully went out and defended the President and attacked his accusers. Later, with the evidence mounting against him, Clinton acknowledged an inappropriate relationship.

But back to Ray Lewis. There is apparently something about him that causes his team, the media, and the NFL to see him as a hero and a leader, so that’s good forĀ  him.

I guess I would feel better about his story if he hadn’t have been charged with something relating to a homicide several years ago. Was it a case of wrong place, wrong time, or a case of where there’s smoke, there’s fire? I don’t know.

I like that he quotes Scripture. I think that tells me something about where his heart is, and where he wants to be. Still I wish he wouldn’t treat a football game like it was a spiritual battle between the forces of God and the enemies of God. That stuff about how “no weapon shall prevail” when the Ravens beat the Broncos earlier in the playoffs was disquieting.

If Lewis was right and God did favor the Ravens over the Broncos then I guess Lewis just needs to be grateful that the Broncos got rid of Tim Tebow last year.

So what do YOU think?