I’ve Changed my Mind

I read that the United Nations is thinking about imposing a no-fly zone over Libya to protect rebels from air attacks by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.  My first thought was a sarcastic isn’t that wonderful?  I’m sure the rebels will take great comfort in knowing that the UN will help them.  Some.  Maybe.  In a few days.  I thought about how this kind of dithering, half-hearted leadership by the UN was why the USA needed to chart its own course.  The USA has the ability to help these rebels, so the USA should do so.  Let’s start with a no-fly zone immediately and take it from there.

Then I read an article by George Will, and it has changed my thinking.

Will asked some very good questions, like:  1. Would it be wise to have military operations going on in three Muslim nations at one time?  2. If we get involved in Libya’s civil war, would it prompt would-be rebels in other oppressed countries to start their own wars and expect help from the US?

Will had some other good questions, too, but these were enough to give me pause.  I’m sympathetic to people who want a better life.  But maybe it is too much to expect from our military volunteers to solve all of the world’s problems.

Maybe sometimes the best we can do is hope and pray.

Meanwhile, gas prices are still high partially because of this situation in Libya.  I wish we had pursued other options in earnest three years ago when gas was exorbitant.  We could have helped ourselves and by extension other people in the world, too.