How to Get a Book Written

A lot of people want to write a book, but how do you actually get it done? It can seem like a million miles between the dream and the reality.

Let me give you two pieces of advice for making it happen. One comes from my super short ebook, Write Your Book: 7 Keys to Getting Your Book Written, and the other does not. It’s just a bonus thought I wanted to share.

1. Write even if you don’t feel like it.

Writing is a creative process. Because of that, some people feel like they shouldn’t write or maybe even they can’t write if they are just not feeling it.

That’s nonsense.

Professional athletes don’t just practice or play when they feel like it. Topnotch musicians have to put their time in regularly to stay sharp. Heck, I even have to mow my lawn at specific intervals if I want it to look right. If we want to do quality work, then sometimes it is going to feel like work.

Subpoint: If you don’t think you can create new words, edit the old ones.

There have been many occasions when I had the time to write, but I was not quite in the mood. I was not feeling creative right then. In such situations, I open up my document and start editing. There are two benefits to this. One, it improves my work. Two, it usually gets me locked in, and I am able to smoothly transition from editing to writing after a little while.

2. Don’t share your dream of writing a book with too many people.

Writing a book is a big goal. It is exciting to think about. And it is human nature to want to share exciting things with those close to us. All of that said, I would encourage you to not share this goal with too many people. If you already have, you might want to stop bringing it up with most of them.


They can only respond three ways:

1. Indifference

Well, this response kind of hurts, doesn’t it?

2. Skepticism

This one hurts too. Maybe this would fire you up and make you more determined to get the book done. For a lot of us, though, it would just be discouraging. Some of the mental energy we would be devoting toward the book will now have to go to fighting the nagging doubts that have just been planted. Why add that weight on ourselves?

3. Enthusiasm

This one is cool, but it is only one possibility in three, and even it has a potential downside. Part of what gets us to the finish line when writing a book is the anticipated feeling of satisfaction that comes with accomplishing something big. There’s a Swedish Proverb that says, “Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” If we get some of that positive feedback early, then it won’t be there to the same degree later. There won’t be quite as much to look forward to. Does that make sense? I hope so.

The idea about the downside of getting positive feedback too soon is not original to me. It’s a thought that a friend of mine read or heard somewhere and shared with me, but I think about it a lot.

Subpoint: Do share your dream with some people

It is good to tell some people about your goal. Share it with people who are encouragers and/or will hold you accountable. Such people are a blessing.

Writing a book is not easy. But it is possible. You can do it. Write Your Book.

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