Four Unrelated Things

I’ve been listening to “Another Sentimental Christmas,” the new album by Christian recording artist Russ Taff.  It reminds me a lot of his first Christmas album, released in the early 1990s.  Both of these CDs have a Big Band, Bing Crosby kind of sound to them.  I highly recommend these two albums, but the newest one, “Another Sentimental Christmas,” should be much easier to find.  Russ Taff–what a wonderful voice.

I conducted the second Young Christians Writers Contest for TDH Communications and just finished reading the entries.  Invitations were extended to three schools, and two responded, but my three winning entries were all from Berean Christian School in Knoxville.  There were three other submissions that were well-deserving of Honorable Mention–two from Berean, and one from Grace Christian Academy (also in Knoxville).  Honorable Mention goes to Matthew Jones, Casey Milligan, and Shelby Lowe.  Third Place goes to Luke Proffitt for his scifi thriller “Chaos from Sleep.”  The Second Place winner was Lauren Cowart, who wrote a great story about triumphing over tragedy.  The First Place, prize-winning story was submitted by Amy Wilson.  Her entry, “The Boy Named Travis,” is a sad but important tale that could change lives.  Thanks to all the participants for their hard work and creativity.  Your parents have reason to be proud!

There’s a radio broadcaster who has been ripping the NBA’s number one draft pick this year, John Wall of the Washington Wizards.  The broadcaster has been criticizing Wall for being a talented but selfish and immature player who will never win a championship.  I thought that was a little harsh and premature since Wall has only played three games as a professional, but whatever.  When the broadcaster started mocking Wall and saying the young point guard must own a bakery because he produces a lot of turnovers (get it?), I thought that was unduly harsh.  I don’t know, it just seems kind of wrong when a middle aged guy starts mocking a 19-year-old who hasn’t broken the law or embarrassed his team.  Given that I am not exactly Mr. Sensitive, I think the broadcaster really needs to dial it down.

I’m glad the President is in Asia trying to promote trade.  That is what’s going to get us out of the recession–businesses selling more stuff.  When they do that, they tend to hire people.

Like I said at the top, these were four unrelated things, so I am not going to bother trying to tie them together here.  Goodbye until next week…