Brit Hume vs. Secular Media

Recently Brit Hume said on TV that Tiger Woods might find peace through Christ rather than Buddha.  Certain people in the media (from the Washington Post, MSNBC, etc.) complained that Hume was being disrespectful to all the Buddhists in the world, and they accused him of proselytizing (as if that was a bad ting).  Proselytizing is basically an effort to get other people to believe like you.

In and of itself, why should anyone complain about this?  All of the people upset with Hume are spending their lives engaging in political proselytizing.  People get tired of politics, but we usually don’t hear people saying that it’s inherently wrong to advocate a political position.  So why should Hume be persecuted for advocating his faith?

When Hume turned to Christ in 1998 after the death of his son, it brought him peace.  Now Hume sees Tiger Woods suffering, and Hume offers him hope.  How is that bad?  Now, if he got on a plane and tried to blow people up b/c they didn’t share his faith, something that outrages the media.

Hume saw a drowning man and offered him a lifeline.  We need more Brit Humes.