An Aid for Teachers. An Aid for Students.

What do two homeschooling mothers, a professor of education, and a college student who wants to be a teacher all have in common? Each one has told me that my book Hey, its Presidential Trivia! is a great resource for teachers. They’ve talked about how useful it is for playing games and sharing interesting facts. The thing that I found interesting is that I had never thought about the book being used as an educational tool for students. I wrote it simply because I felt like creating a book of presidential trivia with a slightly quirky angle to it. The fact that it turned out to be useful is just an added bonus.

Meanwhile, my co-author, Jason R. Edwards, and I have published Ask the Professor: What Freshmen need to Know, 2.0. Our advice book for college freshmen was designed to be practical and a little humorous. This is actually a revision of the first two books in the series. Book One was aimed at new freshmen, and the sequel was for first year students after they’ve had a semester of college under their belts. We revised these two books, added a little, subtracted a little, and put it all in one volume. It has occurred to me recently that one of the strengths of Dr. Edwards and I working together is that we come at this book from different angles. Jason has a more intellectual/philosophical approach while I tend to have a pragmatic/just-get-through-the-day thing going on. So it seems like there’s a little something for everyone. Or at least there’s something for two types of people anyway.

Bonus: Dialogue from my action/sci-fi novel Double Crossed

Marcia Rivers: I would advise you not to cross me, Major. I mean, let’s be realistic here. There are probably about, I don’t know, 5000 other majors in the Army they could use in your place. But do you know how many linguists there are out there who can speak or read 19 different languages and are in reasonably good shape physically?

Logan Franklin: Off hand, I’m guessing less than 5000.