A Different Direction for Washington

So we’ve got a debt problem with the federal government (and they’re hardly alone–California, Wisconsin, and the nation of Greece all have big problems, too).  We need to raise the limit on our debt ceiling soon, or we’re going to default on our loans.

What should we do about dealing with debts and deficits?  Republicans are saying, “Let’s cut programs.”  Democrats are saying, “Let’s raise taxes.”   Republicans are saying they won’t agree to raise the debt limit if a tax increase is part of the deal.  President Obama is saying he won’t sign off on raising the debt limit unless there is a tax increase.

How will the stalemate end?

Beats me.  But if I had to guess, I think the smart money is on some kind of compromise that will patch over things temporarily and push all the hard choices off into the future.

I wish we could do something to get our politicians to do a better job.  Wait a minute, there is! 

We should pray for our leaders. 

I bet you thought I was going to write about the importance of voting.  Well, we need to make wise choices when we do that, too.  But think about it.  Imagine the possibilities if 300 million Americans started praying that our political leaders would have wisdom and humility.  What’s the worst thing that might happen?  What’s the best thing?

We need to pray for our leaders.  We should do that every day.  They could use it.