8 Reasons Moms Should Take an Online College Class This Fall

  1. It helps you see things from your kids’ point of view when it comes to the stressors (and non-stressors) of school (at any age).
  2. It shows your kids that you can see things from their point of view about school.
  3. Your kids can watch you being successful at something that they can relate to. (Unlike a lot of your other hard work that they might take for granted and not always notice)
  4. You have a really good chance at being successful, because college is mostly about putting in the work. Being brilliant is less important than working hard. And if you are a mom, you clearly know how to work hard. If you happen to be a brilliant mom who works hard, then “Hello, Dean’s List.”
  5. The flexibility of taking a class online will accommodate your busy schedule.
  6. There are a lot of programs out there now to help you pay for a college class.
  7. If you were planning on going to school after your kids were older, this will help you chip away at that mountain.
  8. Because you will just be taking one class, as opposed to a full load of classes working towards a specific degree, you can take something that is really fun and interesting to you.

Disclaimer: I have written here about what moms should do, and I am not exactly what you might call a mom. I do not have children, and I’m a dude. But I have been teaching in colleges for over 20 years, and I have a mom, so there’s that.