Protests, Politics, College Students, and Easter

I read in the Washington Post that protesters in Yemen, who want to oust the ruthless dictator there, are upset that the United States won’t help them.  These protesters think that the USA is just chasing headlines–when the body count gets too high, like in Libya, the United States gets interested.  Meanwhile, the United States is slightly ratcheting up its assistance to the Libyan rebels.  I think the US gave them some tents recently.

It’s a frustrating situation.  On the one hand when people are fighting desperately for freedom, Americans should want to help them.  On the other hand the United States can’t fight every battle in the world, especially when our President campaigned on the idea that we were imposing our will too much.  And the conventional wisdom was that Middle Easterners hated Americans for, among other things, meddling in the affairs of other countries.  Now they’re mad because we won’t.

As the Middle East is in flames, and Washington is locked in budget battles, President Obama has gone to California to raise money for the 2012 Election.  Critics point out that he doesn’t even have a primary opponent, so he doesn’t need the cash that badly.    But how much is enough when it comes to funding an election campaign?  I don’t know.  I guess one can’t fault the President too much for playing by the rules of the game.  Still, it is ironic that the President is going to California for financial support, a state with plenty of amazingly rich people that is nevertheless bankrupt because of its political and economic policies.

If our politicians don’t do something about rising gas prices, a bunch of them will be looking for new jobs after 2012 irregardless of how much campaign money they rake in.

Hey, college students: Would you think it was fair if your professors this year decided to take a bunch of points off your grades and lower your GPA?  Do you realize that you are doing this to yourself when you spend your time in class texting?  Maybe you’re pretty good at multitasking, but you are distracting yourselves and missing material.  I’m just sayin’.

Hey, everybody:  Happy Easter.  Jesus was crucified, but He lives again!