I was at the grocery the other day, buying a few things for me and Angela (who is my wife, which is relevant to the story). I pushed my cart up to the cashier then walked around to stand across the counter from her because that’s how we roll at Food City (see what I did there? It’s an expression, but also grocery carts roll, so I–oh, never mind, I realize it wasn’t that clever).

Anyway, another customer walked up and stood next in line, which meant he was basically standing with my cart. He was probably in his early 50’s. Dude looked kind of rough, and he was dressed rather sloppily. The cashier looked at him then she looked at me then she said, “Y’all got a Food City card?” Like we were a couple.


Moving on…

I say we send home everybody in the federal government. We’ll just let them all retire with full benefits (because assuredly they would vote for those before leaving anyway). Next, we put two guys in charge: Ed Stetzer (check him out at and Bill Brown (a friend of mine from church). I can’t promise they would fix every problem this country has, but there is one thing I am confident of: We the People would be getting a “Justice League of America” live-action movie in a timely fashion.

Finally, hey college students: Don’t be overwhelmed by the beginning of the semester blues. You’ve just been introduced to a whole lot of assignments that you’re going to have to get done. It should look like a lot of work. But you have until May to get it all finished. Of course, you don’t have until May to start on it, so get to work.

A question before I go: Do you, dear reader, have anything you’d want Ed and Bill to tackle if they ever get to Washington?